My other websites!

I live on Horn Pond and have a website devoted exclusively to the area. If you want to see some of the beauty I see every day that inspires me, check it out:

I put a special gallery up just for a spectacularly beautiful sunset that happened on February 5th, 2016 after a snow storm and then early the next morning:

Besides my Fine Art Nature Photography I also do Architectural/Real-Estate Photography.  Check it out:

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I also have a page on ViewBug with some photos not in any other website:


New page I created just for my macro photography:


Below you will find links for organizations I belong to and to photographers I admire.

WREN is an organization that I helped found twenty years ago.  Mostly we are concerned with the many Conservation Areas that Woburn is so lucky to have.
Woburn Residents Environmental Network

Woburn Guild of Artists is a group of very talented people who create beautiful things in all manner of artistic mediums.  One can learn new things, get inspired, even get instruction in one's chosen medium.
Woburn Guild of Artists


I took a three day seminar from this gentleman and he is not only a wonderful macro photographer, but a great teacher as well.
Favorite Macro Photographer 

Joe is a fabulous news and sports photographer as well as a close family friend (he is also a wedding photographer and shot my daughter's wedding) and a former student of mine.
Favorite Local Photographer and good friend 

This young lady is one fabulous photographer!  Take a look!

Mei Xu Photography