Welcome to my Blog!!!  I decided to add a blog to this website since I am going to be traveling soon.  Since a lot of the photos I will be taking, will eventually end up on this website, I figured that it would be a good place to put the blog about it!!!  Enjoy!



More Ireland, FINALLY!

February 09, 2018  •  1 Comment

Well, the last time I posted Ireland photos was back at the beginning of October.  I started working on the next batch and then in November, the whole house got sick!  We had a horrible chest cold that morphed into pneumonia for three of us (including the baby), sinus infections and laryngitis.  It was so bad that we had to cancel my big open house I do the day after Thanksgiving!!!  Then of course December was spent recuperating and getting ready for my Grandson’s first Christmas!  Didn’t even get the tree up till the week before Christmas!  That’s late for me!  January rolls around and we were all sick again!  This time it was a head cold that went into an ear infection for one of my daughters and the poor baby was so stuffed up he slept propped up in bed with mommy and daddy.  In fact most of us slept sitting up for a good week! 

Now it is February and I have finally gotten back to my Ireland photos!  So now there is a collection of five galleries from my time spent in County Kerry with family (people who live there make GREAT tour guides and driving navigators!) and two galleries of the two major Castles we visited!  We went to Bunratty on the way to Kerry and then after spending a week with family traveling around Dingle Peninsular, the Ring of Kerry and other fascinating places we headed out to Blarney where we stayed two nights in a little B&B literally across the street from Blarney Castle!  You just walk across the street, through the town park and there you are at the entrance to Blarney Castle and gardens!  And no, I didn’t kiss the Blarney Stone, but one of my sisters did! 


Doolin and the West Coast of Ireland

October 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, I finally finished the next installment of Ireland photos.  This batch is from our 4 day stay in Doolin on the West coast.  While we were there we had two days of tours with our own private tour guide, Fergus Lally from Celtic Chauffeur Services (www.celticlimo.com).  He took us to the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abby and lots of other places.  He was a terrific guide with tons of information and he knew all the best ways to get to places.  (If you ever go to Ireland booking private tours in different places is the way to go!  You get to see so much more than just driving yourself and they know everything about the places they take you.  And, you get to pick the places you want to go.)

The last full day we were in Doolin we took a boat out to the closest of the Aran Islands, Inisheer.  It was a rocky ride out and an even rockery ride back.  But we had a great time while we were there! 

Hope you enjoy all the photos.  Just go to Ireland then Doolin and the West Coast.  There are nine galleries.


Sunset/Foliage/History walk around Horn Pond

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Sunset/Foliage/History walk around Horn Pond


When:   Sunday, Oct. 15th @ 4:00 pm

Where:  The Pump-house parking lot at the south end of the Pond

What:    We will walk clockwise around the Pond so as to arrive on Arlington Road for sunset.  

      We will talk about the history of Horn Pond both natural and man-made, and the natural

      environment as it pertains to the foliage we might see.  


This walk is suitable for all ages.  We will be on the pavement at all times so it is suitable for strollers.  Please no pets.

The Ancient East

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The Ancient East

After we left Dublin and picked up our car, we headed to the town of Trim.  Even though our GPS was weird, it brought us to a main road junction and there was our B&B right in front of us!  As it turned out, our B&B host was a wealth of information about the Castle which was only about a ten minute walk across the street and into a field which was the parkland of Trim Castle, known as the Prochy fields.  There are several ruins in this parkland including the “Sheep’s Gate” and the “Yellow Steeple” (so named because it looks very yellow in the sunset I was told by a gentleman I met walking).  It was overcast and threatening rain but we walked through the field down to the town center to a great restaurant for diner (recommended by our B&B host).  We were very hungry so we didn’t stop to admire the ruins and when we left the restaurant there was a light rain so we walked straight home.  

The next day we were picked up by our first tour guide Martin, from Beautiful Meath Tours, and off we headed for the “Ancient East” (Newgrange & Knowth).  From there we headed to the Hill of Slane. It was beautiful, a good walk with a fascinating history (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slane)!   After that we had lunch and had planned to head to Tara, but the traffic in that direction was tied up for miles (four traffic accidents as it turned out) so Martin took us to a place called Monasterboice (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monasterboice) where we saw beautiful ruins and two of the best High Celtic Crosses in all of Ireland!  We never got to Tara.

The following day we were leaving to go back to Dublin to pick up our other sister at the airport, so I got up early and walked the route back to Trim Castle.  It was a beautiful day, clear and bright!  I took photos of several of the ruins and the Castle Keep, (it wasn’t open yet as it was too early) as well as the “Curtain”, (the wall that surrounds the Keep and the land around it).  There were several other ruins which I never got to as I was hurrying to get back, have my breakfast and head out to the airport!

I have uploaded the next Collection entitled "The Ancient East".  Hope you enjoy!

At Long Last

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At last, I’ve got the first installment of photos from Ireland uploaded.  There are two collections so far, one for Dublin and one for Northern Ireland.  These are the first four days of the trip.  We covered a lot of ground in those 4 days.  Just look for the folder labeled Ireland!  Enjoy!

More to come soon!

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